Poncha Springs, Colorado
A Drive Up Marshall Pass Road
Didn't Reach The Pass, But Photos Of Mt. Ouray And Northern Sangre De Cristo Range (April 2006)

Marshall Pass Marshall Pass is part of the Continental Divide. To get there, take Chaffee County Road 200 (about halfway between the town of Poncha Springs and Poncha Pass) and follow it for 14 miles. There are two right turns that need to be made along the way, but there is clear signage directing when to do so. Adjacent photo: Looking at Chaffee County Road 200 from Highway 285.
Colorado Scenery This is a very interesting area! A snapped a photo of a sign giving some of the history of the area. The old mining town of Bonanza is on the other side of these mountains.
Marshall Pass More history about Marshall Pass.
O'Haver Lake A few miles, the scenery becomes nice. Here's a shot of O'Haver Lake from Marshall Pass Road, which rides above it.
Mt. Ouray

Mt. Ouray

The views continue to get better with some stunning views of Mt. Ouray, altitude 13,971 feet.
Sangre De Cristo Mountains About eight or nine miles in, I looked back to get a great shot of the northern Sangre De Cristo Mountain range, which sits behind the small town of Villa Grove in the San Luis Valley.
Marshall Pass Road At about the 10 mile mark, there was a sign saying the road was closed. The road conditions up to this point were relatively good for a low car like my Honda Accord, so I continued on to see if I could reach the Marshall Pass summit.
Marshall Pass Road Ah, but about 0.5 miles up, I came upon this snowy and muddy spot and decided to turn around. It just didn't look safe enough. Plus, if I had gotten stuck way up there, that would not have been good. My suggestion: This looks like a very exciting and scenic drive ... in the summer! ;)

Addendum: View photos at Marshall Pass here.

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