Poncha Springs, Colorado

The Angel Of Shavano

Pictures Of The "Angel" And "Grinch" On The Side Of Mt. Shavano

Angel of Shavano

The Angel of Shavano. Can you see her? Oh what a beautiful angel she is! In the valley to the left of the tallest peak (Mt. Shavano), the snow slides make the form of a beautiful angel. It looks like she's slowly ascending up with her arms out. Her body is more of a cartoon-like stick figure, but she has some curves in her body.

Oh but it gets even better: Now notice the Grinch of Shavano. His large head is left of the angel, and (to put it tactfully) it appears he is sniffing the angle's underarm. What an ugly grinch!

So the next time you're in Poncha Springs or Salida, and you're gazing at the beauty of Mt. Shavano ... :)

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